Tehran Earth

  • Earthing System

    Grounding System Equipment

    1. Earth Rod
    2. Earth Plate
    3. Copper Wire
    4. Copper Belt
    5. Bentonite
    6. Earth Clamps
    7. Earthing Box
    8. Cad Weld
  • Lightning Protection System

    Lightning Protection System Equipment

    1. Lightning Protection
    2. Lightning Counter
    3. Lightning Rod
    4. Rod
    5. Lighting Accessories
    6. Solar Flashing Light
    7. Monitoring Lightning Rod
  • Earth Tester

    Earth Tester

    1. KYORITSU Earth Tester
    2. RCD Tester
    3. HIOKI Waterproof Earth Tester
    4. CEM Earth Tester
    5. UNI-T Earth Tester
  • Temporary Earthing System

    Temporary Earthing System

    1. Low Voltage Temporary Earthing
    2. Hi Voltage Temporary Earthing system
    3. Wire Gun Tester
    4. Temporary Clamps
    5. GSE
    6. RGA
  • Switching Surge Arrester

    Surge Arrester Protection

    1. Surge Protection System
    2. Surge Arresters
    3. OBO Bettermann Products
    4. All Type of Arresters
  • Substation and Overhead PowerLine

    1. Voltage Detector 20 kV
    2. Stick
    3. Cable Grips
    4. Cable Publler
    5. Cable Trailer
    6. Cable Jack Stand
    7. Cable Rodder
    8. Cable Roller
  • Electrical Safety

    Electrical Safety

    1. Lineman Safety Belt
    2. Electrical Insulating Gloves
    3. Electrical Insulation Mats
    4. Safety Shoes
    5. Electrical Work Wear
    6. Electrical Safety Helmet
  • Cad Weld

    Cad Weld

    1. Cad Welding
    2. Cad Welding Mold
    3. Cad Welding Knob
    4. Cad Welding Powder
    5. Cleaning Kit Bag
    6. Cad Weld Learting
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Tehran Earth: Design, Implementation, Certification and Sales of Earthing and Lightning System Equipment.

Tehran Earth Certification

Certification of Technical Advice and Safety Services

Subject to the general policies of Article 44 of the Constitution and to the privatization and enforcement of Section IV of the Labor Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the licensee shall be authorized to act in accordance with the Rules of Procedure for the Determination and Confirmation of the Qualification of Technical Protection and Security Services Approved by the Council. Excellent technical protection to work as a technical protection consultant and safety services in the field of electrical safety.

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