Earth Tester

Last Update: June 2024

Earth Tester, Digital and Analog and Resistance, Kyuritsu Earth Tester

Earth Tester KYORITSU 4105A

Earth Tester KYORITSU 4105A

Price: $334.65

  • 1- Dust and drip proof Earth Tester.
  • 2- Test leads for simplified two wire easuring system.
  • 3- Designed to meet IEC 61010-1 safety standard.
  • 4- Capable of measuring earth voltage.
  • 5- Automatic warning when resistance of auxiliary earth spikes is in excess of tolerance.
  • 6- Small and lightweight.
  • 7- Shock resistant new case material.
  • 8- 2mA measuring current permits earth resistance tests.

Earth Tester Mastech MS2302

Earth Tester Mastech 2302

Price: $185.35

Earth Tester UNI-T, Model: UT521

Earth Tester UNI-T Model 521

Price: $208.51

CEM DT-5300B Earth Tester

CEM DT-5300B Earth Tester

Price: $154.46

CEM Earth Tester Features:

  • 1- Extra Large LCD Display
  • 2- Earth Resistance and Battery conditions can be displayed together.
  • 3- Earth Voltage measurement
  • 4- Meets IEC:61010-1, CAT-III 1000V
  • 5- Test Hold Function for Hands free operation
  • 6- Automatic Zero Adjustment
  • 7- DC Voltage, AC Voltage and Low Resistance measurements

KYORITSU 4300 Earth Tester

KYORITSU 4300 Earth Tester

Price: $390.10

Description: Suppose we want to make an earth resistance measurement on the second floor of a building or in other words make sure that the ground wire coming up to the second floor has exactly the standard resistance. At this time, the three-wire ground tester may not work, so KYORITSU has introduced the ground tester 4300. This earth tester is unique in its kind.

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